You know the feeling you get when you stand on the edge of a cliff, or take a teetering peek over the balustrades of a tall tower? Summon up that breathlessness, that weakness in the knees, relish it, and roll the acid taste of adrenalin around your tongue.

Feeling giddy? Feeling alive? If so, read on, because that’s exactly the feeling you’ll succumb to in the presence of Mama Matrix.


Guitarist and front man Daz Dolczech bellows out poetry with dark, melodic intent- fierce as a preacher, irreverent as a storm. Dark Mavis’ tuba lub dubs at the core of the beast- a massive, tarnished heart pumping out a soil filled rumble, channelled from the very belly of the Earth.

The violectra cradled by the lovely Anka J, has a mind of its own. This musical nymph hurtles through feverish scales, like wind whipping through the Dinaric Alps. Mike Hurley’s drums are sinister beasts, and their master plays them like a lion tamer.

All the while- sinister and pervasive- Murpheus, whose face you will never know, plucks life from his electric guitar strings- a Celtic giant of the apocalypse, who sees the dark side of the world, and cries out for you to share in it.


You may be overcome, rooted to your spot. You may feel the urge to flee, but if you listen to your body, you’ll see it won’t let you.

Hasn’t your heart synchronised with that tuba’s rumbling lub dub? Haven’t your limbs began to spasm and jerk in time with the thunder of the drums? Aren’t you moved by Dolczech’s powerful voice, his comic entreaties? Haven’t you begun to jig about the dancefloor?

Go with it, dance with Mama Matrix- this musical devil who’s wormed its way into your muscles and bones. Embrace it, enjoy it, make love to it if you will. As you whirr around the room on tip toe and heel, and the sweating, ecstatic faces of your fellow revellers blur into the night, know that you are privileged, for this is an experience you will never forget.

To know Mama Matrix is to stare into the mouth of a devastatingly beautiful, dangerous chasm, and those who survive cannot help but be drawn back for more.

The Story of Mama Matrix continues on the blog, read on there to find out how the Mamas took on Europe in a floating tuba, stormed Bishop’s Castle, and how they tamed their musical sprites to record their upcoming EP.

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