Mavis Davis

Mavis Davis?
Mama Matrix are famed for their high octane live performances and raucous melodies, but something else that fans often comment on is Daz Dolczech’s lyrics. The lovely Graham Whatley saw Mama Matrix play at Bishop’s Castle: “I just loved Irene at the Michaelmas Fair last year. It’s great to see how people cluster, listen to the words and engage with the gig. Just thought it would be good to have sequels for women like Sandra, Mavis and Verity.” This wonderful gentleman has penned some lyrics about Mavis Davis (possibly Mama Matrix’ dangerous tuba player). Who knows, maybe Mister Dolczech and the Mamas will have this whipped up into a full blown song by the next gig at Bishop’s Castle! Thank you Graham!
She was sitting on a seat
Looking far from neat
In fact, really quite a mess
Untidy, nothing less.
But the way she bit
when I tried to sit
next to her because
the bus was full.
Bit right through my coat
into my arm, right into my arm
Did me some harm Mavis,
you did me some harm.

I tried to get up
but she started talking
and I was enthralled
I don’t know why, boy
heaven knows why
so rather than walking
We started talking
while I nursed my arm, boy
while I rubbed my arm.

Next week she smartened up
She said her name was Davis
when we met up again
then I knew I fancied her
I knew I did and now I did
I really did. Smitten
Besotted and bitten.
I bin bitten by Mavis.
Mavis Davis on a bus.

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