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Murpheus on Brum v Belfast


Brummie culture blog Digbeth is Good asked Mama Matrix guitarist Joel ‘Murpheus’ Murphy to choose between his home city Belfast, and the city where Mama Matrix was born. Click here to hear what he had to say.

Mama Matrix and The Joy of Ceps


Oh my, it seems those wonderful Mamas can charm the pants off anyone. When Times food writer Lucas Hollweg stumbled upon the band belting out their ode to autumnal excess- Gather Ye Mushrooms- at Bishop’s Castles Michaelmas Fair last year,  he just couldn’t keep it to himself! I give you, dear friends:

The Joy of Ceps

After a fruitless journey to the depths of Cannon Hill Park, Gather Ye Mushrooms came to Daz Dolczech as if by magic! How ironic….